Woman with a white smile of dental crowns.

Can you whiten dental crowns?

A dental crown is a cap that covers a damaged tooth. It is an effective restoration treatment that can help improve the look of your smile. A crown can treat a variety of dental issues, including cracked, weakened, or severely worn down teeth. They can also be used after a root canal to provide the …


Woman smiling with benefits of straight teeth.

Surprising Benefits of Straight Teeth

Having a smile filled with straight teeth has a lot of benefits. The benefits are not just cosmetic as straight teeth can help with your oral and overall health. Many people aren’t born with perfectly straight teeth and require dental intervention to align their smile. This can be in the form of traditional braces or …


3d image of human tooth on blue background.

Structure of the Human Tooth

Your teeth are an integral component to your daily living. However, most people are unaware of what’s underneath and inside their teeth and gums. Your teeth and gums are much more intricate than they appear on the outside. Below you will find information on the structure of the human tooth and the importance of keeping …


Dentist and child sitting on braces and teeth comfortably.

Tips for Staying Comfortable With Braces

While pain should not be a part of your braces experience, you may experience some discomfort. However, these issues are all solvable, so you don’t have to worry about your entire braces experience. Braces are a great way to align your teeth in a relatively short amount of time. Below are some tips for staying …


Woman smiling wide because of Top facts about teeth whitening.

Top Facts About Teeth Whitening

Research has shown that Americans spend over a billion dollars on teeth whitening products or services each year. Having white teeth is beneficial as it makes your smile brighter, your teeth look healthy, and it is often a confidence booster. One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to get their teeth white is …


Woman grinding her teeth in bed.

Can I Have Implants If I Grind My Teeth?

If you need one or more of your teeth replaced, dental implants are a popular and highly effective treatment option. They are long-lasting and look just like your natural teeth. They can also be treated just like your natural teeth. If you are considering dental implants and wondering if you are a good candidate for …


Signs your braces are coming off.

Signs Your Braces Are Coming Off

A straight smile is something everyone wants as it provides you confidence in your smile and improves your overall self-esteem. Braces are a great way to achieve a straighter smile and address any other issues with your teeth. While the average time most people have to wear their braces is between 18 to 24 months, …


Boy wishing not to get cavities with braces.

Can You Get Cavities with Braces?

The benefits of a straight smile can do wonders for your confidence and boost your overall self-esteem. Braces can also improve your oral health, your ability to chew food, and even help with speech impairment issues. However, having braces can increase your risk of certain oral health issues. For example, you can get cavities with …


When to visit your dentist about tooth pain.

When To Visit Your Dentist About Tooth Pain

A toothache here and there that quickly subsides may not be a major issue requiring a dental appointment. However, tooth pain that lasts for more than a day or two can be a larger dental problem that requires treatment. For many people, the dentist is not the first place they want to visit on a …


Can you have braces as an adult?

Can You Have Braces as an Adult?

There are major benefits to having straight teeth beyond just the cosmetic benefits. In fact, crooked teeth can lead to cavities and tooth decay. This can result in more severe dental issues such as gum disease, infection, and tooth loss. In addition, an abnormal bite can also cause issues with chewing your food, swallowing, and …


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